-& here’s me story-

to put it simply, i grew up home schooled running wild on my family’s farm feeding chickens and living for bon fire nights under the stars. my travel bug started early on…before i was even legal to sign my own waivers at the sketchy youth hostels i’d end up at - yup, they had to be faxed to my parents. those times taught me that living in the moment and making the best memories is what we’re made to do. when i’m not on another cheap flight somewhere, i’m a typical oregonian cruising the backgrounds in my subaru outback with a home packed lunch of most likely sweet potatoes (I actually eat these everyday without fail.) but wait the scene gets better: i have with me my hydro flask of to go coffee. i live out of town in the country in “the cottage” - my mini house i just renovated, and my favorite thing is hearing the sound of rain on the roof above my loft bed while reading a good book.

-values -

human connection: in all aspects of my life I love meeting, laughing and making new friends. from making life long best friends in some small town in europe while hitchhiking, to laughing with the bride and groom I’m photographing because i just made an inappropriate joke - these moments are what i live for and that’s why i photograph in a candid way that will capture the feelings you felt on your wedding day.


In the end, my ultimate passion is delivering the memories. the memories you will look to for the rest of your life, memories that your grandkids will flip through and say “wow, they thrived” because in those photographs, the love that was present will show