Cassandra // Portraiture


Digging back into my photography roots...

I actually started this crazy photography journey with creating portraits. I love all my sweet couples and I enjoy being around all that warmth and gooshiness, but lately I felt a calling to let myself go and just take some portraits.  It was actually an extremely relaxing and reviving experience plus the images reflect an emotion I can't quite pin point, but it makes me stop and sigh. Cassandra, I had so much fun directing and working with your gorgeous soul! A little fun fact: Cassandra and I shot years ago and it was my FIRST portrait session with someone other than friends. And although we're actually friends now, I think it's so fitting that I re opened this door with her as my model - and what a good model you are Cassie!! 

  I definitely want to be taking more portraits this year, so if you don't see another portrait post within a few months get on me about that and hold me accountable. HA!


Now here are some fun ones we took after picking up some tea. 

Bonus! Here's a behind the scenes of our buddy Cormac!

Such a good DJ with my bluetooth speaker, plus he may need his own shoot because uhh model??

Sarah Sisson