Bernal Heights Couple Photos


San Francisco Couple Photos with the cutest dog too.

I also gotta blog the elopement that I shot when I was in SF last time, but we're starting with this couple shoot because it's so close to my heart. I befriended these two last time I was in SF - I shot their besties elopement at the city hall. Fast forward a few months and I'm back in town because I can NEVER stay away from San Francisco honestly. It might be my favorite city in America. But anyways here is the cutest little family that I just adore. I'm actually trying to get them to move to Eugene and they're not opposed to the idea. 

Please enjoy the photos of this good dog - scroll down to see the sweet photos of him watching his parents swinging. Also, I LOVE when couples bring their dogs to a session so maybe that's something you can highly consider if you wanna book a shoot. :)