Eugene, Oregon Engagement Photos at Mt Pisgah


As we walked the paths of Mt Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon, these two told me the chaotic story of how they met…and I do it no justice, but long story short they knew each other from friends’ house parties, and had even competed in beer pong and had quirky inside jokes. However, they never realized they were meant to be together!! Until much later when, actually, they found and recognized each other on tinder (sometimes technology is real great) and started dating from there on out. Now having moved across the country together, Zak proposed on a quiet day in their living room, and “it couldn’t have been more perfect”

AGH they’re truly just so in love (I mean look at these engagement pictures though) plus, they’re certainly a wonderful example of not needing extra frills, moving across the country hand in hand, and being 100% happy with simply embracing life side by side.

So, here’s me typing this up feeling so grateful that Zak found my wedding photography and had to book - because I can’t wait for their wedding next summer at SIiver Falls! Until then, here are a few highlights from our engagement session in Eugene, Oregon - the town they’ve made a new home in.