Lands End, San Francisco Elopement


“A San Francisco Elopement” is one of my favorite sentences ever, & this love story is a good one. Like, I have put off blogging this one because I KNOW I won’t do it justice.

Have you ever heard of the term “meet-cute”? Because Eloise and Egor have THE best I have ever heard. In case you don’t know about this phrase, here’s a quick definition: “An amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them.” So, here’s a snippet of theirs:

A couple years ago, Eloise set off from Australia to travel the U.S.

While she was exploring the magnificent city of San Francisco, she stayed in an airbnb and fell for her host, Egor. They were smitten, but Eloise still had travel plans for the east coast so she couldn’t stay long. So as it happens, Egor met up with her later in New York, and the rest is history.

They eloped July of 2018.

I was there, and let me tell you, it was the most simple day in terms of planning, yet it had ALL the necessary things: LOVE. And that’s why this has been one of my most treasured elopement day memories, and I can’t believe it’s taken me a YEAR to blog.


Cut to their elopement day with just 4 attendees including them.

  1. groom (Egor)

  2. bride (Eloise)

  3. officiant (best friend Dave)

  4. me, the photographer and official witness. + friend because I quickly bonded with these two hardcore. Like, I really need to plan a time to go visit them.

As I hung out while they were getting ready at their beautiful bed and breakfast, I zipped Eloise into her dress, laughed a lot with these two, then photographed their sweetest first look on the front steps.

We went back up to room to open up a gift sent from Eloise’s parents in Australia - they sent a heart shaped photo frame. :)

Then we called an uber to take us to Lands End. They held hands the whole way as our driver was WAY excited to be giving this bride and groom a ride, and even played some instrumental wedding tunes for them, plus gifted his pocket pen to them since we forgot one to sign the marriage license.

While waiting for the officiant/best friend, Dave, to arrive, we HAD to warm up after taking some portraits out in the cold (JULY) wind. So hot cups of coffee, and signing the marriage license.

Egor also wrote his vows here 10 minutes before we walked to their ceremony spot. Ha! Love this memory of sitting in the corner window with these two.

The next couple pictures are Eloise’s reaction when I said “Wait a minute…can you believe you’re married now?” That’s when I think it sunk in…