How To Throw an Affordable Bridal Shower


BRIDESMAID tips on throwing a super special & fun bridal shower for almost nothing!

Hey you! I see you scraping your pennies to go on that epic honey moon, or perhaps you’re the maid of honor and want to give your bestie the shower she deserves but you’re not quite sure how to do that on a hardcore budget.

I co hosted his homey and simple bridesmaid shower for my good friend Katie (to be wed this May! AH!) and with simple key elements, activities, and strategies that really made it fun and relaxing.

AND BONUS, At the end of the article I attached the Spotify playlist the other bridesmaids put together for this!! Feel free to check it out and use it!

So without further ado…

If you want some tips from a tried and true shower, read on my fellow frugal friends!


  1. Host At A Home


In my opinion it’s WAY more intimate and gives off a homey feel when a bridal shower is thrown at someone’s home rather than renting an event space. Whether it be the brides house or a moms, friends, aunts, etc, it’s going to be a lot of saved moolah to stay in! Yeah, you’ll have to do the whole “oh gosh company is coming - clean up” freakout, but trust me it’s worth it.

Another option for when it’s the time of year with consistently nice weather would be to host at a public park! If your shower is small just throw some table cloths over a few picnic tables!

2. Delegate Food


That way the cost doesn’t fall on one person. Chances are there are a lot of lovely people in the brides life who (if you bat your lashes and say please) might make a dish. For this bridal shower we served:

a) Homemade Carrot Cake (thanks, Sam)

b) Homemade Cupcakes (thanks, taylor)

c) a lot of chili (thanks, troy)

d) bread loaves (thanks, Dan)

a few other homemade dishes were brought but the bulk of it was that simple list.

You really don’t have to go all out with bridal shower food. just serve something scrumptious and save the extravagant foods for the wedding!


I included my actual bride trivia that I lead at the party! It is great to do as one of the first games for an ice breaker! Everyone learned so many fun things during this game!!



go to goodwill beforehand and collect a bunch of cute mugs!! This was a huge hit for prizes - the winners were thrilled to pick one from the prize table and take home their new fave tea/coffee mug! Plus if you have the budget, you could fill the mugs with chocolates!



Chances are that you already have some decor prepped for the wedding, so use it!! What we did was pulled the chalkboard, mirrors, and signs Katie had collected for the wedding and we put a bridal shower spin!

Katie also had collected a TON of lights to use at her wedding already. So with those we strung them on a curtain rod with pretty fabric to create a super simple but festive little backdrop.


5. MUSIc

OK so this one is less of a tip and more of a free resource…here’s the spotify playlist made by fellow bridesmaid, samantha! Feel free to use or pull songs from for your bridal shower! :)


Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to share with friends and family, and

have a happy bridal shower!!

PS for all my current brides: photos from this post were taken by me (surprise, surprise,) if you’d like someone to document your bridal shower and snap a few candids just let me know! I’d LOVE to be there for you.

XOXO, Sarah