Hey there! My name is Sarah, and I'm thrilled to be sharing my art with you!

I'm so happy I'm able to use my love for photography to work with creative and fun people during the best times of their lives; engagements, graduates, families...It's all so exciting and I'm happy I'm here to document these special moments.

I love going to new places and exploring with a camera in hand...I'm always up for an adventure! I also enjoy reading a good book with a kitty in my lap. :)

I would be so honored at the opportunity to photograph you! Contact me anytime - let's chat about your vision.

all photos of me on this page are by the magnificent Dawn Photo


Little Fun Facts:

(about me LOL)


Farm Life!

I actually grew up in the country bucking hay and running about bare footed while playing with my crazy chickens. 

Coffee or Tea?

I'm a coffee AND tea type of girl. I could not live without both! 

I have a cat.

His name is Finley and he's a maine coon! My best friend and sister adopted him for me and gave him to me as a Christmas present. BEST THING EVER to have a snuggly fluff ball on Christmas morning.


Talk to me about embarrassing stories.

I have a bank of my own because I'm naturally with me real quick at our shoot. I like swapping funny stories. 

Harry Potter nerd alert!

I'm a Gryffindor! Also, I want to marry a Weasley. 


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